Digestive Disorders

Ayurveda always focuses on eating food according to the body constitution of a person as well as in right quantity at right time. Ayurveda considers eating habits are the root cause of almost all the health related problems. So proper management of dietary styles & methods help in correcting digestive disorders in the initial stage itself thus preventing the onset of any major illness in later stages of life.

Eating habits (Aahaara), lifestyle (Vihara), intake of incompatible food (Viruddha Aahaara) are always the major causes for almost all the health related problems.

Balancing the digestive Agni is the core principle of the treatment in Ayurveda and hence advice’s on diet, lifestyle changes suitable for each constitution as required as per to Ayurvedic science and its basic principles.

Most of the people suffering from Constipation, Gas trouble, Indigestion, Inflammatory bowel syndrome, Irritable bowel syndrome, Hyper acidity, Peptic or Gastric ulcers, etc. do have the root cause in a deranged Paachaka Agni.

According to Acharya Charka, Agni is essential for the body just as the root is for a plant.  Agni mandhya (low digestive power) leads to ajeerna (indigestion). Ama (metabolic toxins) gets formed due to ajeerna (indigestion). Ama clogs the cells and channels of transport in the body due to its sticky nature producing systemic & inflammatory diseases. Therefore the treatment of most of the systemic disorders in Ayurveda starts with the correction and balancing of metabolic disorders through balancing the agni [Deepana & Paachana].

Qualitative and quantitative depletion or excess of digestive juices leads to stomach damage which leads to array of diseases.

Digestive problem correction at Ayur Vijayam Centre is achieved through a double pronged method of giving Internal medication and appropriate diet advice’s based on each individuals body constitution (Prakriti).